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Podcast on Content Marketing in Financial Services with Roger Edwards

Roger Edwards and I used to work together when he was marketing director at Bright Grey the protection insurance business of the Royal London Group. Roger now runs his own marketing consultancy that focuses on the financial services sector.  He also runs a highly successful podcast series of which this is number 32.  I was [...]


Four Reasons Why Companies Don’t Adopt Content Marketing

Here are four reasons why companies don’t adopt content marketing. Most articles and blogs about content marketing focus on the steps that you need to take in order to transform your business. In fact I’ve written several in that vein myself.  Well I thought it might be quite fun to turn this around and look [...]


Four Steps to Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is a huge challenge for established traditional organisations. The very bedrock that they have built their successful businesses on is crumbling and the tried and tested processes that they have relied on for decades are no longer fit for purpose. Add to the above the pace of change that this is happening and [...]