Everyone is responsible for great content

I was given a timely reminder of how everyone in an organisation can contribute to great content when I was recently running a workshop with an IFA in Edinburgh. I was keen to understand what are the issues that are important to this company’s clients, or “worries” as one of the directors put it. I like […]


Significant Challenges for Financial Services using Social Media

Identify Theft Financial services are in difficult place when it comes to adopting social media as part of their communications strategy.  This is primarily due to the risks that social media can represent to them i.e. regulatory, reputation and operational risk. While banking, insurance, pension and investment companies are seeking to earn or re-gain the trust […]


Corporate Social Networking for Dock Workers

Typically when you see promotional videos for corporate social networking tools like Yammer, Slack, Chatter and Facebook for Business, they tend to show office based environments with bright young things sharing great ideas. Well in the same way that the mobile telephone industry misunderstood its actual target market back in the day, then I’m wondering […]